Golden Rule Builders

Our Process

Sales – Two Meetings with the Sales Team
  1. Meet with our sales team at our showroom or at your build/remodel construction site for an initial consultation and to discuss the scope of work.
  2. A follow up meeting includes proposed financial estimates and review of your design ideas. At this time a design / retainer agreement may be signed to move to the next phase – Design Process.
  3. This phase is also the best time to begin third party financing, if required. We are happy to refer you to trusted banking contacts in the community.
Design – Where Dreams and Budget meet!
  • Bring all of your dreams and ideas to the table so we can build your dream project on paper while also ensuring it fits within your budget. This may include several design meetings to talk thru ideas and make revisions to the ongoing design.
Pre-Construction – Design is complete and contract signed!
  1. Financing to be completed during this phase.
  2. Final drawings that will be submitted for the building permit are completed by the GRB Team.
  3. Site plan to be completed as required by local jurisdictions.
  4. Complete the permit process including health permit, VDOT permit, and building permit as required.
Selections Process
  • Our Selections Coordinator will guide you thru each step of making decisions on the things that will make your home uniquely yours such as cabinets, appliances, flooring finishes, electrical and plumbing fixtures, and exterior finishes. This process begins in the pre-construction phase and will continue into the construction phase, coordinated so that decisions are made in advance of ordering materials.
  1. Finally, all the preparation is behind us and your dream remodel project or new home begins to take shape! Our team will continue to work closely with you throughout the build phase with a regular flow of communication and weekly on-the-job updates.
  2. JobPilot, our interactive cloud based system, is used to access up-to-date photos, documents, and other details throughout the build process and the warranty period.
  1. We have officially given you the keys to your dream project and cleaned up the last bit of construction dust! However, our relationship with you is just beginning as you are now a “lifetime client” of Golden Rule Builders!
  2. It is perfectly normal for new homes or remodel projects to have items that need attention or adjustment after construction is complete so we provide a two year warranty period for these items and will schedule visits at 3 months, 11 months, and 23 months as needed to take care of any outstanding issues.