GRB Talks Universal Design with Better Homes and Gardens

GRB talks Universal Design with Better Homes and Gardens, Kitchen

We are excited and honored that Better Homes and Gardens reached out to Golden Rule Builder’s own Dennis Reitz for expert advice in a recent article about Universal Design / Aging in Place. Universal Design involves optimizing comfort and accessibility at home regardless of age or physical ability. Dennis and other industry experts provide a variety of insights in the article.

Create a Safer, More Accessible Home with Universal Design Principles

Learn how universal design can help make your home more welcoming to all people.

By Kristina McGuirk

Universal design aims to ensure everyone—regardless of age, size, or ability—can safely and effectively use a space. You might recognize similar ideas from related concepts such as living in place, aging in place, and inclusive and accessible design. “With the term ‘aging in place,’ people assume you are meaning someone in their 50s and 60s looking toward the latter half of life. With universal design, the intent is to span all generations,” says Dennis Reitz, design manager at Golden Rule Builders, Inc.